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Equipment Supplies

NPO "Gas and Gas Condensate Processing Institute" in partnership with LLC "Kurganhimmash" offers its clients manufacture of the main process and auxiliary equipment, engineering and technical support facilities using packaged modular method.

Equipment blocks developed by our Institute have maximum factory readiness (share of the local assembly on the construction site does not exceed 5% of the total installation works), are equipped with all the required systems, have balanced weight for convenient transportation, are equipped with protective transportation devices

We bear consolidated responsibility to the Client during all stages of modular construction of facilities, namely:

Equipment of our plants is supplied in packaged modules with piping, shutoff and regulating valves, primary control and measuring instruments, service platforms. Well established relations with manufacturers of components and materials in Russia and abroad allow for the maximum optimization of the quality-to-price ratio of the equipment manufactured by us. Firm business relations with our partners along with qualified and fast work of employees of detached technical control subdivisions of NPO "Gas and Gas Condensate Processing Institute" directly on production sites allow for maximum reduction of the equipment manufacturing time with achievement of the maximum quality. All of the manufactured equipment with GOST R Certificate of conformity, including for explosion protected equipment, as well as a Permit to use the equipment in hazardous production facilities from the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of Russia (Rostehnadzor).

Use of modular method allows for significant reduction of labor costs on the construction site, reduce the estimated cost and shorted the construction period.

In the Extreme North conditions we offer the modular method for construction of buildings and structures. Location of construction sites in northern building-climatic zone: harsh and long winter, cold summer, extensive drift-snow transfer - set requirements for maximum reduction of outside work scope and construction and installation work periods. Because of this the equipment configuration requires installation on foundation of ready technological units (control, equipment units, etc.) on a common frame with building modules. Technological units are connected to each other with intermediate installation-adjustment coils using flanged or nondetachable welded joints. Equipment located inside rooms is supplied together with the building modules. In case of strict weight restrictions the main process equipment can consist of multiple units. Buildings are assembled from shelter modules of complete factory assembly with heating, lighting, fire alarm and fire suppression systems, other complete required systems, as well as from shelter units of component by component assembly. For protection from vibration loads on module frames the equipment is installed on individual frames not linked to the skeleton frames. Process equipment for installation in heated rooms is supplied with preinstalled platforms. Column-type equipment with service platforms is installed in unheated rooms shielded from wind and snow loads. The equipment is supplied completely assembled with flanged connection to pipelines. Platforms are installed on machines during the installation process. Process pipelines are delivered to  installation sites assembled in pipe bridges installed on operating supports, with convenient linking of transportation units to each other.

Advantages of Packaged Modular Technology

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